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Guji Mane Mug Drink the dopest coffee on the planet with a mug os similar dopeness.
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“Yo, what if we dropped an Ethiopian Coffee, and called it Guji Mane.” In 2019 our DJ, Matt Mages, asked this question in the studio after a recording session. The idea felt so Memphis, and so indicative of all the things we wanted to see in the coffee industry, that we couldn’t help but dream about it for the next week. We were coffee nerds sure, but we were also kids from Memphis that we’re undeniably marked by Memphis rap music. Imagining a coffee narrative in homage of both one of the most influential rappers from our teenage years and also one of the most influential coffee-producing regions in our coffee journey felt temptingly disruptive. It felt like a remix. It felt Memphis. It felt black
Guji Mane Coffee 12oz - this cxffee is from the Sidamo Guji region of Ethiopia and was crafted to be taken black while listening to southern rap. Roasted in collaboration with ethnos coffee.
Big Guji 80oz (5lb) For the serious cxffeeheadz who can’t afford to miss a cup. 80 oz of the good stuff. Get 7 bags worth of coffee for the price of 5.